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Frequently Asked Questions

How does buying a suit from the Suitmobile work?

When purchasing a suit from the Suitmobile typically a customer receives measurements, tries on a suit, determines necessary alterations and then the suit ships from our home office in Columbus in a few days. Occasionally we will offer 'take with' items for customers.

Where will you travel?

Our primary focus is on events in Columbus and around the state of Ohio. Exceptions may be made for significant events.

How many people do we need at an event?

For private events we usually require at least ten people interested in purchasing a suit for local events. Larger numbers are required when travel is involved.

What does is cost to host the Suitmobile?

There is a fee for scheduling the Suitmobile which is typically waived when a certain amount of products are purchased at the event. Fee will vary based on time and location of the event.


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